Is it normal to feel like you have "broken up" with someone who you were never really with?

I was talking to this guy, everyday, for four months and we caught up lots, had the occasional cuddle but that's a far as it went. However I still feel lost now that we no longer talk, i don't know where all these strong feelings have come from and how they even developed but I feel like I'm going through a horrible break up.

Would this be considered a bit "psycho" or "clingy" or is it perfectly normal to feel some type of loss?


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  • Yes i agree that can happen, if i been cuddling with girl for 4 months
    it would send me into depression, i had a friend who we talked for
    several months online so she believes the lies of this trouble maker
    we never dumped our friendship but just as well say we did because
    she was attacking me personally over this person so i just said hell
    with it i am not bothering her so actually we never made up


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  • I can't really say considering I am in the same situation with this girl. All I can think of is that there is other people out there and I need to focus on my own individual priorities.

    You probably miss his attention and I don't mean that in a bad way.

    • As for your updated question. I don't think it is. Clingy would make you constantly trying to contact the guy to get his attention.

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    • You do that

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  • You can develop strong feelings for someone within 4 weeks or 4 months. It's not horrible or clingy. You just got emotionally attached. Rest, it depends on for how you both are not on talking terms.

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