Chemistry... does this mean anything to you?

Personally i believe that chemistry is superficious... If the two of you don't get along, then there ain't chemistry. If you talk, find things in common, and are comfortable with each other then chemistry is just a small process of the whole thing...''

Personally, chemistry is the "i'm looking at a guy right now and he is hot", we talk to him, and "hit it off", but the real chemistry doesn't lie beneath a veil of "i love you" or anything like that... it lies FAR beneath taht... Especially not if the relationship is fresh (ie 3 - 18 months). Chemistry is but a word. Its' a figment of what is truly there In fact, chemistry doesn't exist. I've heard of plenty stories where girls have fallen for guys and their feeelings were one sided. But over time they got to know each other; feel each other and live to a feeling that each other has experienced

Does chemistry mean anything to you? when you say to a guys "there's no chemistry," what do you mean?

And can that mindest of "i;m not attracted to him", can that change? can you learn to love someone over time? is ssuch a thing possible under the circumstances>?


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  • Well I wouldn't say chemistrey is the end all and be all, but I think being able to sense some kind of spark with some one does help to feel some kind of an attraction for the person.

    • Well the girl I'm seeing says there ain't chemistry, then later that night, albeit after a few drinks, we're all over each other.

    • Well then its good to feel some kind of attraction to some one haha and thanks for MHO

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  • MY definition of chemistry = I instantly want sex with them. The end!

    ie: Bi-serial dater who doesn't believe in love or monogamy right here.


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  • A science that I get bad grades in.