Why does this boy want me to be his baby mama?

This boy likes me. I'm a freshman he's a sophomore. Buy we quit talking and he told me he wanted to have a baby with me. And other people have told me he does. But I quit talking to him.

I stopped talking to him because he sells drugs.


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  • Sounds as though he is obsessed and honestly a little confused. The best thing to do would, despite how cliche this sounds, be honest with him and to tell him that you don't like him. That put down should shut him down or if not get the message across through his friends. A guy can act differently towards a girl but should always take notice of his close friends, who will probably be boys


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  • Kids say the say the darndest things.

  • You're not even an adult. A kid shouldn't worry about having a child. Focus on your studies.

    • I don't want kids he wants to have kids with me

    • @Tori_love

    • Well just ignore him. I'm sure he'll know you're not interested. If you feel threatened by him make sure you tell an adult you trust

  • Hormones.
    Your under 18, please don't be naive and stupid.. Get away from him.

    • Aren't you under 18 too.

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    • Yes but I know what guys at this are like.
      Trust me I talk from experience

    • Well I know what he wants and I grew up around boys who had different women come over right after each other. But I just wanna know what for.

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