I think i've acted too weird & put him off?

I have developed this friends with benefits type relationship with a guy at work.
All was going fine.
Last night i got drunk & may have messaged about nothingness a bit too much. He knew i was drunk & I apologised a lot. I was very embarrassed but we laughed about it.
Recently he's been a little bit less flirty than usual. but he messages me all the time. He's been messaging me all day.
We were talking about how his friends gave me the seal of approval & I said 'they might take that back after last night' trying to laugh about it.
He's seen it but not replied, but is is at work too so...

Basically i'm just scared i've acted too weird & scared him away, plus every chance we try to have sex something comes up so we haven't had sex in a week & a bit.
Should I just take it in my stride, hope it happens again & restores his faith in me?


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  • I dont think you have to much to worry about as long as you let that awkward event go and dont make a big deal about it anymore. If he doesn't bring it up its probably best to pretend it didn't happen from now on. Since i dont know exactly what you messaged him about when you where drunk i have no idea how he was affected. But being a bit weird is probably not a deal breaker for a guy who just wants sex from you


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