Does he like me? I can't tell what this is?

So I met a guy and we just reconnected after about a month. All together, we've hung out five times going to get coffee, went to a concert, etc. He said that we should go ice skating soon. I definitely think there's a connection as we are always drawn to each other. I am just kind of unsure what he sees me as. I went to his place one night and we watched a movie and made out and stuff. He was really sweet and asked me if he was being too pushy.. also asked what he could do to make me feel good. I thought it was good that he asked those questions. He's a really great guy and I'm glad we reconnected because we get along so well. But I'm just confused if he truly likes me or not and I feel like it might be too soon to discuss that. I am sure he knows I like him.. but dont know how to bring this up really. What do you guys think?


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  • Okay firstly a guy will not go on those dates with you and ask you to hang out again if he didn't like you! He definitely does, especially as he asked if he was being too pushy. That's him not wanting to scare you away. So don't worry at all! Just keep going on dates and things will naturally progress, you've already crossed the first step by making out. He sounds a bit shy so maybe keep dropping hints you like him such as holding hands while ice skating and stuff.

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