Girls, if you are very attracted to a guys looks and personality, would you lose interest in him if he is very upfront about that he likes you?

Lets say you are very attracted to a guys looks and you like his overall personality and interests, you have maybe known him for a month. Would you lose interest in him if he at that point made it very obvious that he liked and wanted something serious with you?

lets say you didn't know if you wanted something serious or not but you where still very interested in the guy and sexually attracted to him. Would you prefer if he played hard to get or made you question his motives, or would you prefer if he was honest and open about the fact that he really likes you?

I think in the early stages some girls can lose interest if it goes to easy to get a guy, in other words some girls i guess like to chase the guy a bit themselves. But would some of you prefer the guy being honest and open from early on?

would like some more opinions please
more opinions please


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  • maybe younger, immature girls. I don't care for playing games. if I wasn't ready to start a relationship immediately I'd ask to get to know each other better, spend more time hanging out. but it wouldn't turn me off, unless he tried to pressure/rush me.

    • Thank you, i also associate that kind of behavior as a bit immature, unless the guy is so forward that it becomes creepy.

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  • This actually happened to me a few weeks ago. & Yes, I lost interest. Me and the guy had one date and he was already moving onto what we were doing for our next date, how we were gonna adjust our work schedules to hang out, etc... I was very creeped out and broke it off; in return, he sent me long messages for HOURS asking what happened & whatnot even though I stopped replying the first 15 minutes.

    • Can you fill me in about some of the details, like how long had you known this guy and how did you initially meet him?
      That guy did sound way to forward. However lets say if you know a guy is interested in a relationship with you and you are open to the idea if everything works out. Lets say you even go as far as sleeping with him, would you still lose interest if he at that point was easygoing and open about that he likes you, or would you prefer if he was playing the dating game of trying to act hard to reach or mysterious etc?

    • I actually really liked him. We had been talking for about 3 weeks before. I initially met him through my psych class with him and we got paired in a project with one another. From there, we had both found out we play the same game (WoW) and decided to play with one another and talked from then on.

      I was open to a relationship once I found out he liked me; however, after he slowly got more and more clingy, I started losing interest more and more. And I have no input/experience with the sleeping w/ since I'm a virgin.

      Dating games have always annoyed me and I've cut people off because of that. It's more frustrating than anything. Maybe a little here and there, but not constantly.

  • Yes I love a guy who's honest and opened there's nothing worse than a guy who acts like he likes you, leads you on and then later on finds someone else. I don't like "chasing" guys because personally I dont have the time nor the energy. I do like to take things "slow" but I like a guy who knows what he wants

    • Thank you, im the same, i know sometimes i have to be a little withdrawn i guess to keep the girl interested in the beginning (depends on the girl too) but i think its to time consuming and annoying to play mindgames.. if i want a relationship im going to be upfront about that from the beginning, and if i like a girl im not going to be afraid of saying that to her even if it is quite early in the dating phase.

  • if I really like him I would like him to tell me that he is interested, but if he is just a normal guy I would appreciate that he is a little mysterious

  • I can relate to this. I LOVE a guy who is upfront with his feelings then i know he's interested in me. Even if we meet and he makes it clear he wants to see me again.

  • I would appriciate a guy being open and honest. But I'm really shy so I would find it really hard to tell a guy how i felt


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