He suddenly asks for time. I'm confused, what should I do?

Hi guys,

I've been in contact with this guy I met on the internet for months now. We've been in daily sms contact and it was really great till me finally decided to meet (we live in separate cities). We had two dates in two days and it was great. After that, he has come back to his city and has contcted me on the 2 following days. On the third I told him I was a little confused because I was afraid he didn't enjoy our dte much, though he had contacted me afterwards. He just didn't answer anymore. I asked him what it was and after 2 days he got in touch saying he's been having problems with his family and would contact me later, which didn't happen. So i contacted him and asked what's going on and asked him to be honest, he wrote this huge sms explaining that he has family issues right now and work is crazy and that it has abcolutely nothing to do with me and that he's interested and asking me to forgive him and give him some time. I answered saying it was ok and that I just hope it isn't an excuse and I don't want to hold up on false promises or ideas 'cause that's just not necessary. He didn't answer back... :(
I know he migh be having problems and all and it might be true (I think this because well, he does say all the time it has nothing to do with me and that the dates were good and that he's interested and all), then again wouldn't he just say something short in return? I'm very confused and don't know what to believe, can you help?


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  • He is making excuses.


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