How do I challenge her more without her pulling away?

I've been seeing this girl for just over a month now and I sometimes get the impression that she is starting to become bored. She said a couple of weeks ago that she has a lot of experience with guys stepping back from her in the past and that the only way she can control it is to push them away. I think that hearing this has made me a bit too clingy towards her because i really like her and am worried that if I am too distant she will think i have gone off her and she will start backing off. I have recently started to try and become slightly more distant by letting her text me first, and she always does if we haven't texted for about a day or so. Even though she texts me a lot, she still seems kind of off with me at times and she has become a bit less enthusiastic when i try and arrange a date with her, even though she said recently that she likes me and wants to continue meeting up. Im sort of worried that she is getting bored so I want to try and become a bit more distant, but still let her know im interested. How do I find this balance without her thinking that I am losing interest?


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  • This is like a never ending black hole, ready to implode on itself or something. I would have to recommend honest and open communication, since it sounds like you have already talked about this to a degree.


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