Is this girl interested? She often changes her schedule?

I have this one girl, she sometimes makes times even when she is very exhausted, other times she has something come up at the last minute and suggests another time. Wouldn't girls always prioritize if she is interested in the guy and if something comes up she would let it wait so she can see the guy?

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  • No. Sometimes girls can't prioritize. If she actually re-schedules and suggests another time, then she might like you.

    When a girl doesn't like you, she gives you vague answers... Like: "Yeah, maybe" or "I'm not sure, let me check and I'll let you know" (and obviously she never calls you back).

    I think you should let her set the date and hour to meet you. If she's interested, she'll tell you when she's able to be with you. If she doesn't set a date, then she doesn't like you.
    But don't give up too soon!

    • Thanks! This so sounds like my female friend! We live long distance but in the same state, so Skype is our primary mode of communication. The problem is that she is so busy and stressed with several jobs and 18 units of classes, that I usually have to contact her on the days she tells me are good, if something comes up, she tells me another day etc. She usually is the one who calls me on Skype though. She personally contacts me more when she's less stressed though.

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  • It means she is not interested. I know how you feel.