Will I stand a chance?

So, I think I have finally found what I believe to be the perfect girl for me. She shares all my tastes, she's introverted, she's a cat person, she likes to stay at home watching netflix, she's a pop culture nerd. She's basically my female counterpart.

But, as everything in my life, I got an "enemy". Let me break down the three characters:
Girl- as stated above;
Me- basically her male counterpart;
Enemy- he has almost all the same interests as me, but he's extroverted and more of a social butterfly;

Now, academically speaking: I'm a guy who wants to make something of his life, I'm a math lover (I'm taking a math degree), I work hard for my degree. The guy is a physics lover (like her), he's in my course but never studies, he only wants to party, his grades are a complete mess and he explicitly admitted that he doesn't know what he's doing in college.

I mean, I think I may have a great chance with her, but I'm afraid that this guy steals my chances... If all factors are equal, and through this text, do you think I'll stand a chance with her?


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  • You definitely stand a chance! Forget about him being a social butterfly etc, just focus on yourself and the good qualities you bring. Ultimately it will be up to her who she likes more so don't worry about him :)


What Guys Said 1

  • You poor man. You even haven't made any moves yet. Therefore, you have zero chance.

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