Partner and second best?

Do you guys put people before or after friends/family? I never understood why people put their partners as second to their family/friends especially if you are looking to find the person you wanna spend the rest of your life with?


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  • There are a lot of factors that go into this. I have some friends that I'm very close with... and if they had a conflict with a new bf he'd probably be out.

    But as the relationship progresses, it becomes more unreasonable to have that stance. Basically whatever the situation is, I'd just respond based on the facts.


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  • It depends on the trade off... That is, people I am loyal to will always have me by their side without question, unless another person on that very short list is in more dire need. Highest priority is based on the situation, not necessarily the person so long as they both are very important to me.

  • Everything is a balance, one day I may choose my SO and another day I may choose my friends. Just because you are with someone does not mean that they are the center of their lives, they just become another (albeit large) part of my life.


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  • I put them before friends, but they're about equal with my family. You have your family with you your whole life, so I think that they're around the same importance. But significant others are way more important to me than most of my friends (aside from the few I consider as close to me as my family).

    • I have some life long friends that are family to me.. what happens then?

  • family should always come first. if you happen to marry them, then you'll be their immediate family, in which case you and your children should then come first.

    • I disagree that family should always come first. Some people aren't close to their family and they are closer to their significant others. My bf I have been with 3.5 Years his bro lives 6 hours away and they rarely see each other. You bet your ass I come first since I see my bf a few times a week. Just because you share some blood with me doesn't mean you automatically come first in my life. That being said that doesn't mean that your SO always comes before family either. I do believe that even ID out aren't married once you hit adult hood it is normal to start prioritizinf your SP and seeing them as family. I know I consider my bf family and vice versa so for us it isn't a matter of putting family first because when we say family we ate including each other as well. But anyways my point is that family shouldn't always come first just based on principle along that they are family but based on who needs you most at that particular time.

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    • if you were commited, you would both already consider each other family. but you see yourself as something separate, showing it isn't an actual commitment.

    • Well I'm saying we consider each other family. Why family but not friends?

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