Girls how do you feel avout a man with a maintained shoulder length hair? Is it a dealbreaker?

I am a long haired myself and i would like to know girls pov


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  • My boyfriend has shoulder length hair, but he's trying to grow it really long for cultural reasons (we're both native american). I think it looks great. I love braiding it and playing with it. His hair is softer than mine lol I think it all depends on the girl's preference, my mom wants him to cut it, but my grandparents love that he's showing pride in his heritage. Our situation might be a bit different from yours, but long hair can be really attractive if you have the right face shape, hair texture, things like that. If you think it suits you, then there shouldn't be a problem. Besides, a girl will like you for you and not your hair. I've been with my boyfriend since he was practically bald, had a mohawk, to the awkward bieber stage, to now with his long hair and I found him attractive with any hairstyle.

  • I prefer longer hair on a guy. anything too short for my to run my fingers through, is too short.


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