What dating site do you find to be the most effective in meeting women?

What dating site do you find to be the most effective in meeting women?


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  • None if you are not good looking. MOST non good looking guys have no luck since most women online only want to talk to good looking guys. Fact

    • I am good looking.

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    • in person different from online? huh? and eh depends who you ask.. 7-8 probably

    • Well for average or below average looking guys is different online because they get they ignored by women in their league because women can choose whoever they want from all the messages they get. Good looking guys like you have it easy online and in person. The only thing is that if a woman doesn't read your message or looks at your profile she won't respond or if you just send a boring message and she doesn't look at your profile at all, to see your photo most likely she won't respond. The best thing is that you send an interesting message talking about things you have in common with the woman you are messaging and put more than one pic up of yourself. If she reads your message and looks at your profile there is a high chance she will respond. But with average and below average looking guys regardless if they send an interesting message and regardless if the woman has read the message and looked at his profile after that most likely she won't respond.