(girls I need some advice) I have a massive crush on this girl?

I really like this girl in college. About 2 knowing her she sends me a text basically friendzoning me saying she wasn't sure if she was getting the right vibe but that she thought I was a great friend but wasn't interested. (we never spoke about it in person). I stopped trying to flirt with her. Fast forward two months and she now flirts with me. More of her initiating physical contact now. I don't know if she is just acting friendly and is comfortable because she knows me a lot better or she is starting to like me now. The other day it was cold we were putting our hands together one friend joke around saying you guys are holding hands awkwardly and that it looked awkwardly romantic she said I'm not holding his hand then she let go after a bit and she looked embarrassed. She gives me more and longer hugs now. I don't know if I should just go for the kiss. I never had a gf or first kiss before.


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  • WOW the advice that everyone is giving is crap! First he needs to just leave the fb girl alone then make amends with the girl he likes. If you can't cut contact with your friend with benefits for this girl then do you really care for her?

    • what fb? you misread the whole thing.

    • @asker Woooah. don't know how it happened but my response was meant for another question. Sorry about that. This is so weird!! Lol

  • She sounds unsure. Try talking to her the worst she can say is no but it doesn't seem like it. or you can start flirting again and see where it takes you.

    • I do flirt back now since she does it to me she hasn't given me a negative response yet.

    • talk to her about it

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