Why do I think about the fact I'm single all the time?

Like I know it annoys all you who respond to my questions but I'm not sure if its even normal I'm 23 it runs through my mind a lot like I can't sit down with a clear mind before a couple seconds pass and Im thinking about it again. Like I really can't control it which is sad I just wish there was a way I could redirect my mind to my career and bettering myself as a person


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  • @Modernhippy that is the dumbest answer I've ever seen.

    OP I can guarantee you don't make an attempt to meet girls. I can also guarantee if you do try and meet girls that most of them find you attractive. You think about being single all the time because you want to be in a relationship and it's annoying you that you aren't. Go out there and meet the girl you want.

    • Dude you hit it right on the head I really fit this description

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    • Who judges another guy? You closet @Modernhippy? Thanks for MHO

    • I been spending the last 2 years doing that. Sitting on a website asking people to justify why you are single is not gonna fix anything. Then someine gives u legit advice and u cry about it. If its not clear to you by now what a good looking guy looks like then you are also very dillusional

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  • i know people like u and i dont know whether to feel bad for them or not. why not just jerk off and forget about it? u were born with some combination of disadvantages in the dating world whatever it is it is working against u. posting on some board for people who have similar problems isn't going to help u at all.

  • Dude, just put yourself out there. Meet, talk and ask out any random girl on the street you find cute. I know it's hard at first but you'll be quite happy real soon. Trust me.

  • Wish I could help you. I'm the same but it's one woman who haunts my thoughts. I hate it.

    • Yeah man its like torture cause you wanna turn the thought s off but you can't

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