He wants a commitment but not relationship?

He is 21 (Austria) and I am 22 (Asia), both students in Canada.

We started out as friends and been dating for about a month.

I'm starting to fall hard when he suddenly told me he's going back to Austria for school at the beginning of next month.
We both agreed not to get into a relationship.

However, yesterday we talked about relationships again.
I said since we are not committed to each other, are free to date or kiss others. He had a shocked face like he had no idea how I came up with what I said and told me we are committed to each other, he does not want me to kiss anybody.
I said, "we are not in a relationship, of course, you have no right to tell me who I date or kiss somebody else and neither do I..."
He was like "no, we do have a commitment."

He said, "As we talked about, we both know that even though we get into a relationship now, it's going nowhere since he has 3 more years of school and don't even know when we will see each other next time.. a bit weird to be couples only for 3 weeks"
I get his point of view and I totally agree with it but.. I don't know.

In my opinion, the one who moves away can get over someone easier than the person who is left... He said I sound like he would just forget about me once he gets on a plane. He wants to Skype and message or even letters. And we both agreed to tell each other if either of us got a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Yes, he likes me but not enough to try the distance thing. In the way, I understand. Because it is hard since we have no idea about our future.
I thought about stopping talking to him anymore because I am scared the more I spend time with him, it gets harder for me to let him go.

I don't know if I can tell him that we should be friends in person. Texting?
What would you do?


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  • You will have to stop it.


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