Dear women, could you give me some insight about what do you look for in a personality of man, also in his character?

Also is occupation important? And what would be the donts and dos of how men should dress? Thank you in advance.


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  • I look for a guy who is pretty sure of himself without being boisterous. I also like someone who is ambitious and knows where he is going, and it doesn't matter what the occupation is. I like a guy who respects women for who we are and how we think, who allows us to be ourselves without being dismissive or patronizing. And I like humor in a man. Someone who can be funny at the right time and can laugh at himself. As to what he wears, It is good if he understands when to dress down and when to dress up.

  • Occupation is not important to me, unless it is something ridiculously douchey (tanning salon, anyone?). He just needs to be driven, have some kind of goal or dream. In terms of personality, I love men who have a sense of humor and who are down to earth, but also confident. I have dealt with men who were way too arrogant, and that is one of the biggest turn offs for me. You could look like Ryan Gosling but if you think the world revolves around you and act like every girl should be lucky to be talking to you, then I won't give you the time of day. On the other hand, I have dealt with men who are so extremely shy and have confidence problems that they are unable to take control and make moves like holding a girls hand, leading in for a kiss, etc. Some girls who are more outgoing may find shy guys are okay for them, but for me I need a guy who is willing to take the reigns in order for me to come out of my shell.

    • Wonderful, thank you!

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    • That's sweet of you to say! I'm just glad I could help :)

    • I spoke like a true sweetheart hahahaha :D

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