Am I Reading Too Much Into This?

am I reading too much into this?
this guy I've been seeing for about three months now recently asked me what my Holiday schedule looks like. here's a bit of our conversation:

him: When do you get off for the holidays?
me: I think we'll be working half day Christmas eve and then I'll be off til that Mon. how about you?
him: Ah. I fly out Sat the 20th but last thing to do is the Wednesday before so might see if I can move my flight up

this is the part of the conversation I'm questioning. I'm not sure if he wants to see if he can move his flight up bc of me and my schedule or bc the last thing to do is the Wednesday before? I'm content with either possibility but I just don't wanna possibly interpret it the wrong way.


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  • The last thing to do is the Wednesday before


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