Am I being unreasonable? Or am I correct for telling her not to go?

Me and this girl I have been dating for the last couple of weeks have got real close and are basically going out but we haven't made it official because we work together.

Anyway she told me she's going to catch up with a guy mate this week for a catch up at the movies and dinner or lunch. I said that's NOT ok because it's something a guy friend shouldn't do .

Am I being unreasonable? Or am I correct for telling her not to go.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Have to stand your ground as a man.

    When another man wants to "hang out" with a chick you're seeing, especially alone, then it's not just about an awesome movie.

    I know most women will say it's controlling or you're insecure but I have to disagree with that damn opinion.

    • Exactly, I just don't like the idea of him being the movies with her. I don't think it's appropriate what they're doing.

    • Women see these "hang outs" only as that but we have dicks; we know what that other guy might be thinking himself.

      Good luck with everything, man.

    • Yeah ypu got it spot on, they don't know how guys think.

      Thanks man.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Relationship or not, a true loyal faithful WOMAN will not cheat on someone or go off to another mans arm if she truly likes/cares about someone. Smothering her will only. push her away. I believe there can be a reasonable amount of time people can spend with the opposite. Just as there is a mount that just beings to be excessive and fishy. If someone truly likes you being around other guys should only show them why she choose YOU to begin with and why she remains. FAITHFUL.
    That's only my opinion. I will never be with any man who trys to control me or what I do. Specially if we aren't even a thing

    • Ypu don't think movies and dinner is a bit far though? That's like 5 hours of time lol

  • If you haven't had the guts to make it official then you have no claim to her. Tell her how you feel about her and the situation. Commit yourself to her and ask her to do the same. If you aren't to that point yet she has every right to go out with another guy.

    • She's the one who wanted me at first though.

  • Yes u are being a tad unreasonable and smothering. And insecure. This behavior is a turn off. She will feel u are too clingy to not let her go with a friend. U need to trust her to handle it and do the right thing.

    • Cocobutter, ill let her see who she wants later, but at the moment I haven't even met the guy.

      And I don't take " female friends" out for dinner then why should she

    • Oh boy I would drop u like a hot potato, too controlling Mr.!

    • The butter will be the only thing you will be dropping. I just got to look after myself.

  • Girls can still hang out with guys, it doesn't mean she wants to get away from you.

    • Yeah I know that but why does it have to be dinner and movie

What Guys Said 3

  • Well! If you are not her boyfriend then you have no right to stop her from hanging out with other guys. Maybe, you should make it official so you won't have this problem. Would you be upset if you were planning to hang out with a lady friend and she said you couldn’t go.

    How much do you like this girl?

  • You should rather make it official between the two of you.

    Yo don't have to go around telling people, just have it between the two of you and kind of let it fall into place.

    She'll get the idea that yo want you two to be exclusive.

  • That something anyone usually does, you hang to catch up. I went to a cafe with a girl friend yesterday, and tmr have plan with another for dinner. It's just to catch up and nothing more; yes they do have bf.