How do I ask her over?

Hey guus im asking a girl out. (Well over to hang out cause there is nowhere around here to go) but how do i do it. Hkw is the best way to ask her out? Please help me out. All help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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  • How about: "Hey, I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy. Want to come see it at my place."

    Provided you'd bought the movie later on that day.

    • Huh good idea... well exept the movie :p we have both seen it i believe (now just to figure out how to keep my 2 brothers, sister and larents out of my hair) any ideas @mildlyaloof?

    • Seems like a large family.

      At your age, you could always just let them know, "hey guys, I'm bringing a friend over to watch a movie. Is that okay?"

      If they're a good family, I'm sure they'll take the hint.

      Good luck, kid.

    • Ya family of 6. Gotta love em' lol

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