Texting got boring, she is losing interest, what should I do?

So a girl and I have been texting and studying for class together for a couple months. She initiated the studying together and a lot of the texting until recently and now she doesn't really reply with the quality of text she used too.

I still really like her and I would like to ask her out but it seems like she is losing interest, any suggestions?

I thought she liked me and now I'm not sure and kind of confused. I don't really care for texting so how can I tell if she still digs me?

We are studying tomorrow and I feel like it's gonna be weird.


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  • Texting is only sustainable if both parties are equally invested. Otherwise, it doesn't work. While texting is nice, it isn't everything and it isn't made to create a deep and lasting relationship. It probably just got monotonous and you ran out of things to talk about. Also, if you "don't really care for texting", then you can't expect the same for her. Like I said, it works both ways.

    If she's losing interest, then the studying date is a great way to rekindle whatever you have together.

    Here is what I think you should do:

    - After you study, suggest you go somewhere to get some food or coffee or something. Then you'll get to spend a little time with her, that's not focused around school.
    - Text her later and tell her you really enjoyed getting coffee with her.
    - If all goes well, maybe you'll be able to spend more time outside of studying together.
    - You will now have more things to text about because you've spent more REAL time with each other.
    - If this fails after a while, straight up ask her what's her deal is.
    - If this goes well, all will be good.
    - If it fails, oh well, move on. You tried your best and she wasn't interested in the same way. Nothing you can do about that.

    Good luck! Keep me updated and I hope everything works out. (Also, if it's awkward, I would address the issue. Don't just leave it hanging between you two.)

  • Well she still talks to you, and you're studying tomorrow so that is definitely an added plus. If it was me, maybe make the conversation more fun tomorrow. Study, but tease her, joke with her, and make her laugh. Than before she leaves ask her if she'd like to hang out with you and maybe go get coffee/dinner or see a movie!


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