Now she's ignoring me?

I asked a girl I worked with out, she said of course I want to go out with you. We have been friends for a year and became close. She would flirt with me and it felt like there was something there. When we went out the date was really awkward, but she had something bad had happened to her a couple of days earlier. She wasn't herself at the date and in the end she said she didn't date co workers. I didn't see her at work for week and she started ignoring me. I tried to be the bigger person and apologize for making her feel awkward at the date and she said I did nothing wrong. What can I do to fix the situation?

Staying away seems like the best idea


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  • You weren't being the bigger person by apologising. Something happened to her, she turns up and doesn't act as warm as she normally would to you and you feel the need to apologise? That's nice guy syndrome man, cut it out.

    To be honest, the only thing I would recommend you do to "fix it" is to do nothing. Let her figure herself out. If you approach her you'll probably just drive her further away at this point in time.. The highest chance of her coming back is when she does completely by herself.

  • Bad Move - you apologized for nothing. What's the sorry for? Man, don't ever build up guilt. Continue as if nothing happened (You didn't do anything wrong).

    What you should have done - Use your humour during your date with her. Keep it light. End the date if it's getting more awkward.

    What to do now? - Nothing. Sit back and relax. Move on, and she might come to you. If not, date other girls.

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