What do guys think of a girl who approaches and asks them out first? Do they see the girl as confident or see the girl as easy?

There is this friend of mine who recently became single again.

Every time she goes out. All she has on her mind is picking up men. Also has to get a number or give hers out by the end of the night.

When she is at home she goes online and looks on Tinder and other Dating Sites. Impressed with how she already has a couple of dates. Plus a casual shag on the side.

I have been single for a long time and don't need a man's approval to validate my confidence like that. I am recently thinking about going back into the dating scene and wonder if this is the way to go. Nothing else has worked for me so far.

Me personally would find it stressful if I had to get a number every time I went out. Find it more relaxing just enjoying the company of friends and enjoying watching a band or whatever other reason we are out.

Just wondering how man feel about these kind of girls. It obviously seems to work for them. They never stay single for long...


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  • I Don't mind girls approaching me at all. It's very rare, but it happens. I am a little wary of girls who approach me, because most of them are serial daters, or players. You don't have to be this way, You can approach. but yu don't have to be a serial dater like your friend. If you are out anywhere and you meet someone you really like, then why not?

    • I can see why girls serial date cause I don't. You date a guy legitimately for a few months. It fizzles out. Then you end up with nothing again. Been there a few times.

      At least when you constantly date. That weeds out the duds while you are seeing others to see which one sticks it out in the end. That is why girls do it I think.
      Something I am seriously considering doing.

      That is true. The worst they can say is no. Nothing lost if they do.

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