23 year old American guy dating 20 year old British girl? Can it work?

So I met a girl online. We talked for a few weeks and we really hit it off. We have a lot in common and we really enjoy talking to each other. We plan on meeting in person within the next 2 weeks and we are officially dating as of 2 days ago. We are aware of the challenges involved with the distance and cultural differences but we mutually agreed to give it a try and see where life takes us. Any thoughts? Would you do this if you liked the person enough? Any success stories? Please don't respond if you are against online dating. Thanks.


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  • Stop taking our woman away! You did enough of that already in the second world war!

    But seriously, yes it can work but you need long and short term goals. You have to have a plan to live with each other in the future and see each other often.

    Also, you have to accept that any problem you have in the relationship is usually made 100% more difficult through not being with each other and not having that vital communication. So you will also need to be very good at talking about problems with each other.

    I've had a couple of long distance relationships, they didn't work out. One lasted a year and we never visited each other, eventually she was fooling about with another man.

    The other I actually moved country to be with her and it lasted for four years.

    Moving country was easier for me as it was inter Europe . That's something else to think about in the future, since either of you getting a residence and work visa will be very hard and your entire relationship could hang on it.

    I've heard the visa problem breaking up couples...


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  • If she plans on living in Britain and you live in america I honestly do not see how that can work

    • Well that is pretty obvious... and it's also not the case.

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  • No it won't. You will rarely, if EVER, spend time with her in person. Don't waste your time.

    • You failed to give me any insight or explore the situation at all

    • @asker I gave you honest and direct "insight" and had absolutely no reason to explore the situation based on what you offered in your initial statement.

      Point being, you offered what you were comfortable with, I responded. If you don't like the obvious nature of the answer, that is fine, I respect that. However, given what you put forth, it is obvious this relationship stands little to no chance to ever become anything past a desire and nothing more.