Dating a single mom and bothered by her past... help?

I've been dating a single mom for a few months now. basically she had left her husband cos he was a jackass, but then jumped into a couple of very sexual relationships right afterwards. I don't wanna go too much into it but I came in after none of those worked out.

i found out the extent of her involvement only after we got really close and we love each other now. problem is that... her past bothers me a lot because I knw one of the guys that she slept with.

i could elaborate the story if anyone's curious but my question is do I keep seeing this girl because there's a really sweet little kid involved in between us (shes 29, I'm 24 never married)? she's a wonderful person and she says she loves me more than she ever has to anyone


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  • I would say stick with it. You love her for who she is and that's what counts. Think about your own sexual history? You've probably been around more than she has. And wouldn't you feel awful if you were deeply in love with a girl, and she dumped you just because she found out she knew a girl you had slept with? Frankly, it's a double standard. She was going through a rough patch. So as long as she's not cheating on you and you love who she is, don't dump her based on her past.

    Side note: Judging women on their past sexual experiences makes them turn into prudes with you. It makes them afraid to be sexual with you AT ALL because they're afraid of being judged and slutty. You'll find she'll want sex with you considerably less. So be careful exactly what you bring up to her.

    • Actually.. her past is a little more vivid than mine. I lost my virginity to her cos my last girlfriend was a little conservative. but thanks for the answer. I especially liked the 2nd line. I won't dump her ... its more of a "how can I get over being concerned abt the past" when I have all my firsts with her

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