How do I keep my cool and not start falling for a guy who doesn't want a relationship?

So this guy said he likes me but doesn't want a relationship because he has had a contstant string of bad ones, and he still wants to come and hang out and watch anime and stuff at my house.. Just this super adorable guy and me in my room, how do I make it not awkward and keep it just friends so I don't get hurt?


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  • Keep boundaries. You shouldn't lay up in your bed with him and watch anime... Stay in the living room. Invite other people along as well... If he has a best friend and you have a best friend, all of you should hang out together. & give yourself space when you need it so you don't start falling for him even more than you already have because if you are questioning this it is a sure sign that you are already into him...

    • This is true, but this isn't my house really it's shared and I don't like being in the lounge room, and none of my other friends like anime, and I don't know his other friends

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    • Or do something outside of the house, like go to the beach. Hang out with all of your friends and invite him and suggest he brings a friend. That will gain you mutual friends. that doesn't mean you go adding his friends on Facebook right away after first meeting them. Try and play it cool.

      Remember to give yourself space, most important, because you don't want to start to get caught up.

    • Great insight, I'll give it my best shot, thank you!

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