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i suffer from anxiety and depression and lately i am feeling very low and me and this guy are talking and have been for a month we have met quite a lot but i haven't seen him for 2 week i feel like he doesn't feel the same way about me as what he did a few week ago and i have questioned him about it and it just turns into arguments and because i am very down at the moment this is making things worse as im constantly worrying that he doesn't like me as we dont text as much as we did and sometimes he doesn't reply to my texts, we say we are gonna meet again but when it comes to the day we dont even mention it to one another and end up not seeing eachother. im also under the impression he is talking to other girls as his top 3 bestfriends are girls on snapchat and im no longer on their and also his ex is on his bestfriend list and I've got a feeling they will get back together and it will really upset me he is at work 247 5 days a week monday-friday so i understand he is busy but he should still make time to text me? someone please give me some advice i just want things to work between me and him and maby go further but they can't if he doesn't feel the same way :(


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  • Does he get angry when you question if he likes you? If so, think about it. Would you get angry if he questioned you liking him? Probably not right?

    I would say on these grounds he's probably hiding something. Maybe like you have said, talking to others... Also busy too, but if he was really interested in you, you would probably be the person he speaks to the most.

    It's not what you want to hear I know. I have a history of depression and anxiety so I can only use my own experiences to answer.

    Forget about this guy and find someone who will chase you instead. There are nice people out there who will be able to understand and help you with your fears or issues, you just need to find them. Judging from what you have said here it doesn't sound like he is one of these people.

    If you want a relationship, you'll need someone a bit more understanding and kind I think.

    • thankyou he actually is very understanding but just doesn't make the effort anymore and im not gonna bother chasing him either ill just have to see what happens and get on with it but him and his ex are definetly getting closer again but i just won't show it bothers me thanks for you're help :)

    • Yeah, just try focus on yourself. At the end of the day if he doesn't see you better than her then that's his loss

    • without sounding big headed i really am better than her she's got nothing on me but i just dont understand

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