Can I get some female opinions on myself having two first dates with two different women?

I picked up two first date with two different women and both have qualities I like in both. Should I keep this information to myself or share with them what's going on? I've never been in this situation and my conscious is getting the better of me. I'm not one to do such things and sheer luck had a lot to do with this.

I'm just a little stumped and would like opinions, thoughts, and I'm not exclusive to either so saying something isn't important but I feel I need to for some reason at some point.

Well, this is no longer a problem. Because of Girl A thinking I'm into her roommate/best friend and not her, all because I mentioned her name a couple of times, she's cancelled her date with me tonight. Girl B has no idea and has nothing to worry about now.


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  • Yeah, tell them they have competition so they better impress during the audition//. I mean date.

    • This answer screams my sense of humor.

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    • I'd exaggerate competition and audition when I said it. To assume there is someone else, but in actuality there isn't. Then position myself in a cocky/playa kind of way to get a laugh out of her.

    • lol, either it goes really well or really badly, usually it's the former!

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  • I would not tell the girls that you are dating other women on the first date. it's kind of a sure fire way to insure that they don't feel all that special

  • Could work both ways, it depends on you, how exactly you play the "i have other interested girls" card and on the girls. Remember, all is fair in love and war and you may have to play the game a little for a short while to win.

  • You aren't in a committed relationship with either, date them both. You aren't doing anything wrong. They aren't entitled to your exclusivity after one date.