Anyone else have this problem? What do I do?

I've never asked a girl out in my life. I want to. I can't. I flirt up a storm. I get those weird butterfly feelings in my stomach. Sometimes I even know that the girl likes me. I just can't bring myself to ask her out... I feel bad for her that she has to waste her time with me because I know I'm not going to ask her out. I want to. But I won't.

And it's not a problem with commitment to a relationship or anything like that. I honestly would love to have a committed relationship. But at this rate, it will never happen.


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  • IF you can't ask her out yourself, try hinting her so she could ask you, then. I don't think it's such a big deal if a girl asks you out :/

  • find your balls and returned them to your sack and ask her out. it will be worth it

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