Girls, is this a text you would send to a guy you like?

For some reference, we had a great first date last week (she mentioned during the date she was really glad we met, had a nice goodnight kiss). But then when I saw her at a party Saturday night she basically ignored me. So I called her last night to ask her out to dinner. She texted this morning:

"Hey! Sorry I couldn't call you back last night; we were out for roommate dinner :) I am swamped this week and next with finals and out of town both weekends, then I head to Hawaii. Probably should have held off on getting together in the first place until I returned from Kauai. My bad. If you are still up for getting dinner in January I am game!"

Do you think she's just avoiding me?


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  • I believe she's just not that into you. My fiance was busy as hell when we first got together not getting off til 2am but he'd still come to my house on weekends to chill. I agree with what the other person said: people who care about you will always find time to text/talk/see you...
    Moral of the story is to move on to the next one


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  • She i9s not only 'Avoiding me,' snowguy, but her rude and crude response, on top of putting you on her pay no mind list at the party the other nite, should tell you that there Will Not be any future dates with her.
    Put her out of your mind, take her off your own list of date mates to hang out with... begin your beguine again by finding someone who is not a party pooper... this party is over with this Party girl.
    Good luck. xx

  • Perhaps. I'm a firm believer that if a person is interested in someone they will always make time for them no matter what's going on. Even if it's for an hour lunch or something.

    • I think everyone should think this way when it comes to dating.

    • Not everyone values companionship as much as others, or don't know how to act properly. It could stem anywhere from growing up in a home where emotions weren't shown, or fear of commitment. But yes, the world would be a much better place.

  • maybe she does like you but is genuinely too busy to want to get tied down now. if you still wanna give it a shot in jan I would :)


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