Have you ever been a fool?

Have you ever been aware that you're a fool? I am fully aware but yet I keep traveling down that path. I know it's a fools errand but yet no matter how much I'm aware that I'm a fool, I keep going. She seems to have that effect on me. You would think awareness would set you on the right path. But no, I'm a fool. Love, a fools folly.

Lord be merciful, a fool.


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  • Yes, why do you think there are so many songs, poems, plays, books and websites about men and women being foolish in love. When I was younger I tried to be super clever about love. I found out that if I already have fallen in love, might as well savor the honeymoon while it lasts,

    • There is no honeymoon in mine. She doesn't feel the same about me as I do her. I know this, I know she never will, but yet somehow I always end up traveling down the fools path. It had been a year since I had seen her. It took 2 seconds for my feelings to return and this fool marched full hardly into a rejection. I knew she still felt the same way she always has, but yet a fool I am. I had to try. Now this fool feels like a fool even more.

    • Very sorry, this is painful.. You must go no contact. Endure the withdrawal. There are powerful pheremonal and neurological triggers around a crush or love interest. There is some study done recently that proves that falling in love triggers addiction like reactions in the brain. Personally, in a case like this (unrequited love) I recommend a rebound romance. With someone who likes you, it soes not matter if you have a crush or are very much into her... just rewire the brain for now.

    • We live about three blocks apart, in a small town. Running into her from time to time is par for the course. I was surprised I was able to avoid her for a year. I thought I was over her but I was not. Thanks for your advice and for listening.

  • Yeah I was stranded at the drive-in and branded a fool...

    • Glad someone got my reference :)

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  • Of course! I'm on this website!

  • Every day of my life.

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