Ladies, if you were dating a guy and an accident happened, would you continue, or would you call it off?

Let's say that this was your sweetheart throughout school, you plan on getting married, but then one day he was involved in a bad accident that renders him in a bad position. Would you continue to see him, or would you call everything off?


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  • It depends, does he become a vegetable or just can't walk anymore?

    • Ok, I'm going to answer the question with a question, do you really love him, or are you in it just for his money, looks, personality, good in bed, or other traits in this manner?

    • Are we talking about in real life? Lol I'm so confused. In real life I have a fiance and he did get in a bad car accident that life his back messed up and him in a coma for a week but he's good now and I'm still here. Things were hard for awhile, I had to slave away just to support us and such but I didn't leave him. If it was a random dude I might have if the relationship was new but since I've been with him for 4yrs no, I'll tough it out..

    • Yes, new opinion owner, I am talking about in real life, I do believe that it does state from grade school up.

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  • I would continue to be with him and try to take care of him the best I could.

  • never been there so its not easy to tell but i like to believe i would stay :)


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