Was this a game he was playing with me?

This guy I was talking to for several weeks. I called him one day, left a voice mail. He never called back. The next day I called again and he didn't answer. But he text-ed me hours later saying hello beautiful. At this point I figured out that he doesn't wan to talk to me. The next day I saw him talking to some female he looked at me and kept talking. Later that day he texts "why did you walk pass me and didn't say nothing, I know you saw me" That was the last, I heard from him. I ran into him again he didn't even look my way, and kinda hurried off. Fast forward another week later. He text-ed me out the blue wishing a happy new year, and Christmas. and how he wondered, how I walked right by him and didn't speak to him" I text-ed him back thanking him and wishing him the same.. Was he toying with me? So he was playing with me to get a response what are your thoughts.


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  • Either he gets nervous or toying with u. Most likely toying sryy

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