Science of crushing?

Say a guy finds out a girl likes him, but he never noticed her before.
This girl is attractive and has a nice personality.
Would he start crushing on her?
Vice versa


Most Helpful Girl

  • He would definitely notice her more and the thought of dating her would cross his mind. And it makes people feel good they know someone likes them. Whether or not a guy chooses to do sonething about this situation, that's on him. Just because someone is attractive and nice doesn't mean a person would definitely want to date them.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You tell us. If you found out a guy that you've never noticed likes you, what would you do?

    • I guess you're right, I would.
      But would YOU?

    • I'd take notice and be curious about her

What Girls Said 1

  • He/she may, it really depends on their relationship status and their standards. You can never be certain of if some will like someone else back just because they are "attractive" or have a nice personality. Everyone has a different perspective on attractiveness and what kind of personality they find nice. Like some guys like good girls, some guys like bad girls. and vice versa. Or they might find it flattering but already like someone else.