Is it normal to feel miserable, yet happy in a relationship?

I've been dating my bf for 6 months & I love pretty much everything about him. Along with all the things I love about him, he makes me feel amazing. But I feel depressed half the time thinking of all the things that could go wrong... mainly him leaving me for someone else. I can't stop thinking this way, even though he's literally never given me a reason to.

I literally KNOW he would never cheat on me; I'm just scared of him eventually leaving me. Should've specified that.


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  • Aww that is adorable and cute. You wouldn't think that if you didn't care. Yeah and I think its healthy to have these thoughts at least a little. Just try to worry a little less I know thats hard but try, Im sure you will be fine. If you get those thoughts try to do the opposite instead of worrying about why he might leave try to think of things to do to keep him with you.


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  • Stop that thinking now! if u want to stay with him i split up with my gf because of that exact same thing, i can sense that she didn't trust me even though i never gave her a reason for it and near the end she kind of turned psycho.
    She always mentioned and asked stuff about me leaving or wanting to be in the relationship or if i talked to a certain girl she knew all types of crazy stuff.
    She once left a diner we were eating at because she thought i was flirting with the waitress! i literally gave the waitress an above avg tip i guess and my girlfriend flipped!
    Don't develop into that type of woman. Trust your man, especially if he has proven himself trust worthy and don't worry about thing that could happen because they aren't gonna happen!
    You are making yourself miserable, its up to you to change how you feel. once you do that you will feel 10X happier!

    Good luck!

  • Yes, this is normal to happen in relationships, your happy but miserable
    try thinking positive about things so you won't always feel down

  • That's literally the definition of a relationship in my opinion. Miserably happy lol

  • Why do u do that my gf does it as we'll then she starts fighting with me or gets all insecure when girls in stores likes sales assistants start being friends yet she's there. Be carful it's a slippery slop

    • I don't know :[ I hate myself for it.

    • Try not to think like that or feel depressed trust me he will notice and play a toll on ur relationship, I'm thinking to end mine as she acting up again and being all miserable

    • What does she do that bothers you?

  • I told you the last time you asked something similar and you questioned it only to come back again proving my point. I am not being rude or trying to cause trouble in your relationship but from the things you have stated in the past, this relationship is not the rosey and happy thing you are obsessed it to be. The family and friends issue will wear you down, his demeanor will break you and jade you and your prior statements have made it clearly obvious he is not even remotely fully devoted to you.

    You're a beautiful girl, STOP wasting time being so obsessive in situations where something doesn't feel totally correct to you before you fall in a major way (and not the good way).

    • Many people will tell you what you want to hear because they either want to cater to you or fuck you but I have neither interest and am telling you what you need to hear based on many successful and a few shitty relationships.

      Your mind is alerting you to something and you would be foolish to not listen to it Panda.

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    • @asker Well you will have to explain what you mean by "a lot". Are we talking about a "hey how are you babe?" or are we talking about "where are you?" or "who are you with?" type crap?

      Look Panda, I am not trying to be rude I just feel you need to hear this and I know many of the clowns on the internet will tell you what you want to hear because they want you, a pretty chick, to go down on them and have convinced themselves it's plausible. The fact of the matter is, for some reason, whatever it is (only you know), something in your mind is hesitant and concerned. Who is more viable as a person to trust in this issue? Me, a guy you've never met, or your own mind and something that knows you because it is you? Point being, you are concerned and have doubts and that is because you see something that you don't like.

      The smart person notices these things and acts. The non smart person doesn't and remains miserable. To me it appears you are in love with love and not this guy.

    • @asker If you end up fixing the issue by communication (or whatever means) and get some time on your hands, let me know. I have seen too many, and commented on too many, of your posts spring up with the same rhetoric for me to not be invested into hoping everything works out for you. I do actually hope that but, at the same time, I see where this one is going.

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  • That's your insecurities, not something wrong with the relationship. You need to acknowledge you have them and communicate it to your bf but don't let your insecurities ruin the relationship. Work on building your self-confidence and being secure in who you are, enough so that you can accept that he chose you because he wanted you.