How can I get him to notice me?

I REALLY like this guy but we have never had a real conversation. I have tried smiling and making eye contact without being creepy and even followed him on Instagram.(he hasn't followed me back) I really like him and I think we would be awesome together. Any suggestions on how to get him to notice me?


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  • I know it could be hard, especially if you're a little shy, but if you can just find the confidence to, trying to strike up a conversation with him would definitely get him to notice you. And if you two do have a conversation, try to be a little humorous... see if he digs your sense of humour :-) and honestly, if you have no idea what to talk about, even just try little things, like making little comments towards him... also, maybe try to become friendly with his friends and social group! Go get him.


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  • How about stop trying so hard to be noticed and work hard on going up to him and having a legitimate conversation... i'll guarantee he'll notice you talking to him.


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  • Always be yourself no matter what. I'm sorry but it seems he might not be interested. If so he would be jumping at the chance to get to know you. How well do you two converse anyway? Any type of communication other than instagram?

    • We don't know each other that well. We have talked just a few times and have a couple classes together. he always smiles when he looks at me but never says anything.

    • Start talking to him then. Maybe thats all you need for him to notice you.