Help with chatting with this girl on WhatsApp?

I have a crush on a girl in college. I talk to her regularly in college whenever she meets me. She talks to me with interest and recently I got her number. Now after a day or so I texted her casually as I want to make our friendship stronger so that I can take it to the next level. But when I texted her she just gave me closed ended answers and did not seemed very interested. I was wondering if in college she can talk to me regularly then why not on WhatsApp. Though the good part was that she took time to answer but gave a reply to all my messages. Now my question is that should I carry on chatting with this girl or will it take me to a dead end. I want answers from experienced people especially guys whether is there any hope that she may gain more interest in chatting with me so that I can take it to the next step with her?


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  • Too much texting gets boring... shake it up (and her) with some light teasing through and off text and have her wondering, "did he just say that? What did he mean by that?". Nothing sexier then mental gymnastics in my opinion lol

    • But before I can tease her I have to get her interested in chatting with me. I don't text her often though. I just want her attention and confidence.

    • Well what my guy friend does he will text me somethin that piques my interest so I will want to respond, or text something like "miller or corona?'' She ill be like "what?' and you can say "I'm havin a party and want to know what to have ther>>so then she will be like, oh a party? and there u go invite her to your party haha... or somehing like that.

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  • Don't make this friendship/relationship about texting. You need to spend time with her. I can stress that point enough. This texting is suppose to be a quick message to a person. Study together, hang out together, do similar interests with each other.

    • Yes I would love to do that but she comes to college just sometime before the lecture and goes away after the lecture. The other thing is that she is always with her friends so how can I get her special attention?

    • The other problem is that she is not in my class. She is my junior. I am in the second year and she is in the first year:(. Thus we don't meet everyday:(