We had sex... now what?

I met someone about 6 months ago. We really kicked it off but an ex boyfriend walked up and interfered before we exchanged numbers. Recently, about a month ago, this boy got ahold of me on Instagram (of all places) to ask why we hadn't seen each other since and if he could take me out. I was going out of town, but I gave him my number and he promptly contacted me. We talked for a little bit but our plans fell through until one night he called me out of the blue to invite to watch a game with his friends and to explain he hadn't been trying hard because he knew I was preoccupied and it wasn't his place as a semi stranger to say anything (my dad passed away a little over a week prior).
After the game, we just hung out and talked and kissed a little bit and fell asleep. The next day he text me saying he wanted to hang out again soon, and we made plans to meet each other out (I already had plans for another friend's birthday). At some point in the night we got separated (I ran into someone who I had to bring up to date on current events) but I agreed to stay at his place. We had sex, which while nice was... short. He was really sweet the entire time and then seemed a bit embarrassed at how long he lasted, meanwhile I thought "fuck I actually like him why didn't I wait?" We cuddled, he drove me home in the morning and we talked and laughed along the way.. and then.. nothing. It's been 5 days now that he hasn't said anything. Was he actually embarrassed? Our mutual friend said from knowing him (he's known him for 10+ years, we're 24 and 25) if he called rather than text me, he's had a crush on me this whole time, but I'm not so sure. Does he just not like texting? Does he feel weird about how quick things progressed? I don't get the impression he goes around sleeping with girls, but just the same, was I some random conquest? The only contact he's kept is "liking" stuff on social media which I know he doesn't use much.

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Also.. in terms of the long time that passed in between, I was too shy to contact him and about a month later I met someone else who I ended up dating briefly (he was bad news bears) so he waited until after we had broken up to contact me the first time.


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  • Some guys can get pretty down on themselves when it comes to not satisfying their partner like they really want to, I think you should contact him and ask to hang out again so he gets a boost of confidence then he should be able to be more outgoing with you again


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  • Some dudes just don't like texting. Give him a call if you'd like to see him again, don't place it all on him.

    If he doesn't call then y'all aren't going to see each other again anyways, so you've got nothing to lose.

  • Contact him.


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  • I would answer but thats 2 much. sorry.