For the girls: How long after initially texting/messaging a guy do you feel comfortable with him asking you out?

I would like to know what time frame girls feel comfortable with guys asking them out and what is your acceptance rate as time goes by?
Is asking after a day or two ideal or maybe a few more?
Is 1 week too long? Does the attraction fizzle out after that?
I have a feeling this is where I may be going wrong.
In general I don't feel comfortable enough to ask girls out until at least a week or two has gone by and I get the feeling most girls lose interest by then.
I'd love your input girls!

  • 1 to 2 days.
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  • 3-6 days.
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  • 1 week.
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  • 2 weeks or more.
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  • Forever alone.
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  • It depends on how long you've known her, and if the two of you can keep an interesting text conversation going.

    If she's someone you kind of know, (like a co-worker), then I'd say a day or two is fine. You don't really need to wait any amount of time.

    If it's someone you've just met, then I think you can either ask them out on the spot, or wait a little. It's just whatever you feel comfortable with, and you have to judge it on a case-by-case basis. There's no "right answer" to this. But I'd say no longer than a week. Because you can only talk to a stranger for so long, before the conversation gets boring and dry. If you feel that the conversation is getting dry sooner than a week, then ask her out sooner.

    Personally, I think the sooner the better. Because you can't really get to know somebody well over texts. It feels disconnected to me. She won't get to know your great personality if she doesn't actually hang out with you. Hope this helps :)


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  • For me, personally, I appreciate it if a guy talks to me for a bit. The only time I will accept a one-day ask out, is if he does it in person. If he does it via text, not a chance.

    I'd say give it about a week before asking me out if all we really do is text. You have to keep in mind that messaging and texting is NOT a good way to gage how someone is feeling. Anybody can write "lol" but very few people are laughing out loud every time you say something half-funny.

  • I would say give it a few days.

  • I say about a 2weeks-month. That's how long it takes me to start to know and like someone past the lust or crush phase.

    • 1 month to me seems too long? wouldn't you lose interest in waiting for so long just to get a date?

    • I wouldn't, but the guy usually does. Better for me. That way I know we just weren't made for each other. That doesn't mean there's something wrong with either him or I, but we just weren't right for each other.

      Another thing, I date forever or for never. So I take things slowly and very seriously. If he doesn't like that, it's fine. I guess we aren't compatible and makes it easier for me to find someone who is.

  • I say a week if we talk everyday and two weeks otherwise. I'm always the one who asks though, so my time frame may be a bit off.

    • I generally feel a week is the best time, gives each person enough time to feel slightly comfortable..

  • At least a week, but usually you can tell when the guy is waiting to ask you out.

    • Im curious as to how you can tell they are waiting?

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    • I find sometimes I struggle to keep interesting conversations going with girls while texting but talking to them face to face is much easier. One of the cons of online dating I guess!

    • yeah :) well, it's face to face encounters that count.

  • I would think anymore than a week is too long.

  • a whole month or forever alone I don't know... it depends on the person actually


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  • I really like this question. I've always wondered the same thing... thanks for asking.

    It's a shame how girl's answers are literally all over the board.

    Of the girls who've answered though, I think @JackieGraves gives the best advice.