Has anyone experience this before and if so what's some good advice?

Hey guys so basically im in a situation where a girl I like has a boyfriend (she told me this after I asked her out) I have positive signs that she likes me but we're both shy around each other everytime since we met 2 years ago anyway we went our separate ways for summer and after 7 months the first time I saw her is when she got jealous and tried not to look at me and her friends did becuse I ate lunch with a girl that's my cousin LOL but anyway after that the next set of interactions is that she would just stare hard into my eyes and would watch me everywhere I went if I was at a party or wherever until I finally said hi briefly to her in a smiling friendly way and she became like a statue and responded lmao but recently I was sitting on the bus in campus talking to another friend that's a girl not my cousin haha and she sat a seat away from me (there's so many empty seats) and she played with her hair and she had her headphones on but they were very low when I noticed her sitting next to me I quietly said her name and we talked mostly about her but she was kinda quiet awkard (I mean that's normal because it's the first time we had a convo in a long time) and I had to talk a little about my travels to keep The convo going and she related to it saying she went exactly there. However our conversation ended in a short awkawrd note but it was good anyway recently I texted her on Thanksgiving to reconnect with her over text and i told her I remembered something that she said and that well def catch up again (despite our shy and awkawrd convo) and I said hope her semesters going great and she said thanks you too! So what I plan to do is talk to her more in person and ask to get coffee to get to know her better I don't plan to get involved in her relationship since that kid loves at home but I do like her and I have a strong feeling she still likes me too but now the quest Is to get her comfortable around me and get to know each other but is this a good plan?

Lives* but when I said don't get involved in her relationship I mean not to talk about it at all and when we talled she never mention him but she'll always act different in a quiet shy way as opposed to being talkative with other people


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  • I couldn't read the whole thing (wall of text, use paragraphs!) but I'll tell you the same thing I just told somebody else. If she'll cheat WITH you, she'll cheat ON you.

    • Well I'm new to this thing! Lol but I plan to wait it out but in the meantime i want to get to know her so we could be both comfortable around each other

  • my opinion, don't mess with someone who is in relationship. It's not fair to her SO and not fair to her. Be friends but don't push it, that will make her life uncomfortable and if you truly like her then try to make it easier. if it's meant to happen maybe she will come looking for you when she is single and ask YOU for coffee! just play it cool, you're young. no rush

    • Yeah that's what my intentions was to be friendly and make it easier and push when she's single again I'm waiting it out but I honestly believe something will happen tho I have a good feeling

    • yeah! just stay hopeful

    • Yes mam! lol

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