My girlfriend doesn't want to take the same course with me?

Me and my girlfriend are in the same university. She is in japan for close to a month now to visit her family. In texts, she said doesn't want to take an English course because she doesn't like English classes in general, and is planning to leave humanity courses till later. WHY? I mean I would take anything with her as long as I don't fail the course just because I like being with her. PLUS, we were planning to go on a ski trip in January, she said she's gonna be tired and have jet lag when she come back. which is true but if she really likes me, I think she wouldn't really care about those? I mean, it doesn't make sense to me. Can someone explain?

PS: I need to take English


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  • Bro It looks like you are becoming clingy don't go down that path. Give your girl some space she will appreciate it. and forcing someone to do something they don't like could Ruin the relationship just a heads up. If you truly like and care for her then you would respect her opinions and choice of courses. Lectures are only like 1-2 hours you can survive without her.