Would you forgive if they commited?

If you met someone online via a friend and you started talking daily... you really liked them and them you. But over time they make excuses not to see you in person. Then start saying mean things that upset you. This goes on for over three months, you still like them but you can't see it moving forward. You tell them that and that you wanna stay friends. They ask to meet a friends and you agree... if they finally commit to meeting you, even only as friends and you click in person, could you forgive their previous actions and want to date them again?


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  • if they didn't want to meet me, then i'd not give a shit about it

    • If they said they wanted to yet changed the subject whenever you asked what day? You wouldn't keep trying even if you like them? !

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  • if someone doesn't want to meet you, then forget about it; you can't ever convince them.

    • It was me who wouldn't meet due to my insecurities. i do want to meet him. I've realized what I lost. He's agreed as friends so I'm wondering whether that means there's still a chance maybe? Which was my original question? ?

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  • Sounds like something is up. They ran around about meeting you. Then become mean. Something is up with that person.

    • It was me due to lack of confidence. I'm ready to meet him now and after our fallout I asked can we meet as friends. He's said ok. So i'm wondering if there's a chance for us if I prove I can commit to meeting as friends to start off? If he could want more again?

    • I would say so. There is always that chance when you finally meet.

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