How to overcome inferiority while approaching woman?

I have this problem of talking/ approaching woman.
if the girl is matured/sensible/wellspoken/wellbehaved /intelligent, then I feel very inferior to her. So I drop approaching her.

If the girl is childish/not mentally matured , I just ignore them even if she is very good looking...

So, I do not approach girls in both the cases...

How do I come out of this complex situation?


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  • Approach women expecting the worst outcome. So if you get a positive response, consider that as a bonus. Otherwise, shrug it off because you anyway expected the worst.


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  • Yep yep definitely expect the worse, hope for the best.

  • I think you have high standards. But i agree with @aficionado

    • How does that affect my behaviour bro?

    • This makes you little picky. I am like that too.

    • After u pick the girl , do you approach? If yes , what is your experience so far?