Do you think its a good idea? If not have any better ideas?

There is a guy I have been crushing on for 2 years. I have been kind to him , giving him gifts for Holidays and his birthday, and helping him with what ever he needs. But he still did not ask me out yet and I'm not sure if he's going to or not. So I was thinking of going out with this boy named Robert and stop giving the guy attention. I hope that it will make the guy jealous and make him ask me out.


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  • That's considered a game. Why don't you ask your crush out or what he feels about you. Right now your plan is to use one guy to get another to notice you. How evil!

    • It's just that I'm too shy to do that... See I'm actually 13 years old and all of the guys in my school are jerks or only care about sex and this guy is different that's the main reason why I scared to ask him out. I know it's not right to use people but do u have any other ideas

    • Yes grow up and ask him out

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