How to get confidence back?

My luck sucks. I'm not always rejected but often the girl ends up trading up and sometimes not even telling me. After the last girl I was seeing, I decided I needed a year away from girls and that turned into 2 and a half years. I met someone and we were happy, lots in common. But then she met someone out of the blue. These guys always have more money than me, taller and fatter, nicer cars, etc. I keep thinking I want to date but when I meet a nice girl, I don't even bother anymore. No regrets but sucks feeling alone. Really hate it when people ask why I'm single too. Just brings up bad memories.


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  • Ask yourself this? "Who do I want to be"? Are you that person right now? If not, focus on becoming the person you want to be.. It will give you confidence knowing you have a goal and you're working to get there. Don't worry about rejections either, because remember man, you're going to work on becoming someone awesome.. Rejecting you might have been one of the biggest mistakes they made.


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  • Just go thailand and gain your confidence back mate!!