Girls tell me if I'm wrong yes or no?

Is it okay to talk to a few girls at the same time? This one got mad because I was talking to her and another girl at the same time... I mean it's not like we're serious or anything...
P. s the girl that got mad we only hungout once and been talking for 2 months


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  • ah man, difficult. but personally I'd say no, despite the fact it's nothing serious. If you're speaking to all these lasses then i'm not being funny but it'seems obvious that sooner or later, one (or more) of them is going to develop feelings for you, and that's just playing with their emotions. plus the fact, when you eventually find yourself a lass that you genuinely wanna be with, you'll probably find yourself so set in your ways that you'll talk to other girls whilst you're with her. And even if that doesn't happen and you cut off the loose ties, you'll have a lot of girls being pissy with you because you just 'suddenly started ignoring' them.

    Also, in my personal opinion, it's quite immature👌


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  • I'd say it's okay because I think it's fine for me to talk to a few guys at the same time. Besides it's a non committed relationship. But I would get jealous if my crush was talking flirtatiously to other girls. So I suppose that one got jealous.

  • dude!!! she obviously likes you

    • Well it's over she said she never wants to talk to me again

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    • ok well the question is do you like her

    • Well yeah for the most part

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