Is it worth staying?

Hey y'all, I am currently dating this wonderful girl to which we have been together almost a year. What raises my question of is it worth staying; we hardly have sex together. The reason she says we don't isn't because of us not in love and having a spark, she says its because she's not happy with herself. She started working out and running again because she wanted to be fit again. Although, of course I supported her through all of it and let her do her thing. She hated her job, quit and I let her move in because her lease was up and it would have been much harder to date when we lived 45 minutes from each other. I supported her through all of that as well. We talk to each other, we spend as much time as we can together, we do bicker fight if you wish to call it that. I bring up the sex thing because it has been nearly a single month since the last time she even wanted to. Its been over 3 or 4 months since she has gotten me off during intercourse. Not that she doesn't turn me on, she does she's a beautiful gal and without a doubt she can get me off, its the fact of we stop before I get off because she already did. If I try to kiss her neck she doesn't like it, not much I can do to try with turning her on without getting pushed away.

Here to talk to everyone get idea's of what to do. Possibly try, to turn her on while cuddling and see where it goes.


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  • I suggest you leave her.

    She doesn't have sex with you (back when you did, the sex was bad), she doesn't work so you're supporting her, she pushes you away when you show affection, what are you actually getting in return that you wouldn't be getting from a (deadbeat) roommate?

    I've been there. My ex had no sex drive. My ex had no job. I did most of the chores around the house, worked my ass off to pay the bills, and she sat there and did NOTHING. I tried to be a good guy and discuss it with her (she agree there were problems and never made good on promises to work on them), I tried to be patient and hope it would get better, it didn't. It won't.

    It won't be easy to admit but either she shows some big changes very soon or you should end it.

  • there is no perfect relationship. the question is, can you live with her imperfections and still be happy. If you can, it's w it. If not, move on.

    Personally, sex is a big part of my life.