How to get her through a party?

Hi guys,

So my story is a the following: I like a new girl at work and she likes me back (we confessed to each other), then all the gossip at work torn us apart and she's been avoiding me, even sometimes when she wants something she just texts me. We are in no relationship yet.

We are having a party at one of our colleagues' farm and there will be like 20 of us (the youngsters of the company). How can I take this party as a chance to settle down everything between us? I know the fact that the workplace makes her feel embarrassed about anything between us, but I notice her sometimes looking at me or asking me stuff about work and taking interest in it.

So, how to take advantage of this party please?

NB: there will be booz, I drink, she doesn't and she doesn't hook up, I just want to make our thing during it and I really don't care about her body (btw she's hot) because she's sweet and goofy and funny, which I like the most about her. She's the kind of girl that men notice easily.


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  • Hold on, chewing on pizza... Okay buuuuudy. Hmmmmm.

    - liking someone is a mutual feeling, give her time to get use to it. If she is shy or embarrassed about the subject, don't take it serious, rather let you be you and make her feel secure.

    - basically this is where you set your price and boundaries. She seem unsure about something which will lead to wasting your time. Rather, however, put your feel down and tell her about your issue, take her to a private place and put your foot down. No matter if she's shy, insecure or embarrassed, she needs to know homie don't play that. Your the man and after the party she'll know where you stand.

    - do what I mentioned above earily in the party cause no one wants to leave the party hearing morals. Then cut loose. Your job during the party is to put your fucking foot down and knowing where you stand with her. This girl likes me at work and I like her but if she's doing off side stuff then she like herself cause she's not respecting me. Nevertheless I both cases they need to be told why us makes don't feel right about being texted rather than talked to. This ain't middle school girl. Oh sorry. Just do those 3 things.

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