How can I tell that a man is interested on a first date?

How can a woman tell if a man is interested on the first date? What are some signs we should look for in his behavior etc?


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  • You're on a date, aren't you?

    Is he smiling and paying attention to you? Is he trying to make physical contact such as opening a door and putting his hand on your back as you go through it?

    Does he want to see you again?

    Did he try for a kiss?

    • We did kiss and he paid for everything. He wanted to expand the date too but I had to leave?

    • Yes, he likes you. Go on another date if you like him too.

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  • The fact that he asked you out already states that he is interested... or if you asked him out, the fact that he said yes. If he pitches, on time, then he is interested.

    If he flirts with you, he is most likely interested. He keeps eye contact, then he is interested. If he asks you out on a second date, then he is DEFINITELY interested.

    ... and if i say "interested" one my time, i'm going to lose interest :P

  • he will have a big bulge in his pants.


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