I want to kiss my best friend

I've known my best guy friend for years and years. Lately, I've wanted to kiss him, but I'm 98% sure that he doesn't like me in that way. What should I do?

Thanks for the help you 3...

Dude, I so would xD

If anyone else would care to help, it'd be more than welcome-I'd like to have lots of answers to consider.


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  • Just do it. Kiss him. It might not work, but it might turn into something wonderful.

    And don't listen to the guy who thinks it will ruin the friendship. That's a very narrow, defeatist way to look at things. Besides, unrequited love isn't good for a friendship either.

    • Haha, I wouldn't go as far and say just kiss him. That's a bit too blunt. But the process I agree with. The way I would handle it is let him know how you feel. Start it off by flirting with him and then slowly but surely tell him that you like him and would love to start a relationship with him

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  • Ask yourself this: is a kiss worth ruining the friendship. If it is, then kiss him, if it's not, resist.

  • Doesn't like you in what way exactly?

    The way that works for me half the time (and occasionally on me as well) is to slip in a little peck on the cheek during a parting hug.

  • kiss me instead

    ive been dying for a kiss..


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  • Fire away. That's what the site is for.

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